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Brittany Simmons is an up and coming blogger who has a mission to share her interest in beauty, fashion and lifestyle with the world. She plans to spread the word through different platforms such as this website, youtube and social media.

On the side of her demanding life as a fashion and youtube blogger, Brittany has decided to educate herself further into the art of cosmetology and skin care by attending a beauty school.

Being able to put together glamourous looks for a wide variety of audiences are her main goal but she plans to spend a good bit of her attention on creating looks on a budget. using drugstore makeup that is still able to give the high quality and skin care as high-end products.

With high hopes Brittany will countine you to spread her brand across the web through youtube and collaborations with other bloggers. Encourage all to love and embrace your personal style because its key to feel good and continue to look your best.

What I Offer



To encourage all to love and embrace your creativity and personal style. Always feel good and continue to look your best.

Beauty Tips + Tutorials

Sharing my creative side with make-up and sharing tips that I have learned over time. I hope you encourage you to share your creative side and to be proud of your skill.


Check out my channel and join me along this journey of documenting great moments. I also will have plenty of beauty and fashion to share as well.

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