Brittanyluci Review’s: Ibeauty Makeup Brushes

IMG_2786While shopping in TJ Maxx the other day, I couldn't resist but to look in the beauty isle. Now I have been debating on finding a cheaper alternative of these oval brushes which I first saw on YouTube then in my local MAC store. As soon as I saw these for about $12, I was sold ! Since I am on a serious budget, the Artis or oval brushes are just not a option for me right now.


Starting off with the texture, these brushes are synthetic meaning that they can be used for wet or dry products. They are extremely firm but are also pretty soft which made me  worry that it would cause my foundation to look streaky. The handle on the brushes is also very helpful with getting a good grip of the brush.


I first used the largest brush to apply my foundation. I dotted the foundation all over my face first then go in with the brush dragging the foundation all around until it was fully blended. I was very impressed and satisfied with how flawless my foundation was! I even compared with my Real Techniques sponged the next day by blending half of my face with the brush and the other half with the sponge. I didn't notice much of a difference, just that the sponge does take off the access foundation while the brush just helps to spread the foundation all over. This brush made any of my foundations give me a full coverage look.


The medium brush I used to apply my bronzer to contour my face. I noticed that it picks up a lot of product very quickly. The only downside about this brush is that I struggled to blend in the bronzer after so I had to use a fluffy brush instead.

Now for the smallest brush out of the three, I have only used this so far to contour my nose which worked out very well! I think this would be great to apply eye shadow all over the lid or even in the crease because it picks up a decent amount of product.

Unfortunately, I cant compare these brushes or say that it is a dupe for the Artis brushes but I can say that these are pretty decent for the price. If anyone finds another brand of these brushes, leave it in the comments! I would love to hear your insight.

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