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Styling Workout Clothes (Plus Size)

This is my only post that I do not have pictures for so hopefully the video down below displays a good view of the pieces. Now I know that most girls want to look cute for the gym and feel motivated to have a good workout. For me personally, having a new piece of workout…
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My Favorite Exercises

Fitness can be my best friend some days and my worst enemy on most days, but I still continue to make a very important aspect of my life. As you can tell I am not by any means a fitness guru or have a ton of knowledge on fitness, but I have learned and enjoyed…
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Fitness in Style

Hey Viewers! Since I have improved on my physical activity, I've decided to share with you my daily gym wardrobe. In my opinion, gym attire can be worn in and outside of the gym. Nothing wrong with being relaxed and comfortable! Wearing stylish gym clothes, not only makes me Feel good but also motivates me.…
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