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When having curly hair like mine, finding the right products can be very stressful! The three main things I usually try to control is frizz, texture, and volume. I have tried so many products, some were too light, too heavy, and just wouldn't leave my curls fresh for more than two days. Since I have decided to take better care of my hair, I decided to invest more time and little more money.


I started using these Be Curly products about a month ago and I couldn't be any more satisfied with the end results! I really only need to use these products once a week or every few days because they all can reactivate with water. I love how they keep my curls in tact and refreshed for most of the week.

Now on to my weekly routine

Step 1: After washing my hair with the co-wash and conditioner. I would finger comb my hair and then separate the top and bottom half.



Step 2: Starting off with the bottom half, I would part my hair into two sections. I then would finger comb my hair with the l curl control and conditioner mixed in the palms of my hands. These two products start to activate my curls and moisten my hair.


Step 3: After applying the first two styling products, I then would use the curly enhancing spray to lock in and set my curls. This spray has been my most favorite because it does not dry out my hair but still keeps any hair style under control.

snapshot-2-12-23-2016-2-06-pm img_3193

Step 4: After applying all the products to each section, I scrunch my hair while it is still fairly wet and leave them to air dry. You can use a diffuser if you are in a rush or for more volume!


If any of my readers are interested in trying a new product, I highly recommend trying the Aveda "Be Curly" products! I have been very impressed so far and will defiantly try some more of their products.

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  1. This is a good review, I'm always looking for new curly products this really helps!

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